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1. Robo Kiss 100Download
2. Koi No Fugue 62Download
3. Deco Boco Seventeen 38Download
4. Mada Mou Chotto Amaeteitai 21Download
5. W No Theme 21Download
6. Dakishimenaide (Nikkitsuki) 20Download
7. 18 (My Happy Birthday Comes) 14Download
8. Aa Ii Na 11Download
9. 7Gatsu No Natsu 6Download
10. 17Sai Yo Sayonara 4Download
11. Interlude - Koi No Fugue (Karaoke)-7Gatsu No Natsu (Karaoke)NOT RATEDDownload
12. 5Gatsu Ame Koi UtaNOT RATEDDownload
13. TatakerutomojoshikoutougakkoukoukaNOT RATEDDownload

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